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How to uninstall fortinet on android?


Forticlient and uninstalling.

We are about to roll out Forticlient for VPN only. I ran the configurator tool, and provided the MSI/MST to our windows admin for an SCCM push to our test users.

He got it to work on his win10 pc as a test, but commented that trying to uninstall was a real pain. It was grayed out for shutting it down, and we had to really jump through hoops to uninstall. Are there any ways to avoid this with the configurator tool? Will there be any issues with auto updates when the next release is out?

I bet shutdown was grayed out due to the forticlient endpoint is registered to the fortigate. Just deregister and shutdown should be available.

In regards to uninstall - best tool to use is Forticlient removal tool. If you have a configurator tool, then removal tool should be in the same archive.

I ran into this recently on one of the Win10 PCs I had tested with. The client was greyed out to shutdown and could not remove from control panel, or with the FortiClient cleaning tool (FCRemove). I spent way too much time trying to force it out than I should have. There is a checkbox in the client to manage from the FW (something like that), I unchecked it on the Client on the Win10 PC and was easily able to remove the client from the control panel.

My current clients are not managed by my FortiGate (VPN only) and they do not have this issue, I can shutdown the client or remove it no problem. I believe that my original test PCs were told they were managed from the FortiGate itself and that is why they were being a PiTA until I unchecked the manged box.

When you say the checkbox - is this in the forticlient after it was installed, or somewhere as part of the forticlientconfiguration tool.

Also, I did not specify a password with the config tool. If I try to unlock from the client, it asks for a password. Any ideas?

I also from cli on my home FWF60E deregistered my laptop. 6.0.3 60E, but this didn't help with the grayed out option.

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