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Uninstall bitdefender mac os?


I'm a regular PC user who has switched to Mac.

I have a MacBook Air OS X Yosemite and I stupidly installed the 30-day trial version of Bitdefender which was a BIG MISTAKE. It slowed down my Mac, and it's only getting worse and worse and worse. Uninstalling a program and its hidden components seems a lot more complicated on a Mac, so I'd be grateful for some help.

Bitdefender seems to be some kind of malware, so rather than uninstalling it using the "official" Bitdefender Uninstaller, which required *another* download from the already dubious Bitdefender website, I tried uninstalling the program in the usual way. However, that did not work. Other Mac user instructions: go to Finder > Go to Folder >

/Library/Application Support and remove the Bitdefender folder. But there was no folder there to remove. Yet other Mac user instructions: search under Utilities and remove Bitdefender, which I did.

Bitdefender was not showing up in applications, but was still running, as my Mac was slow, and Bitdefender notifications were still appearing on the toolbar "Trafficlight" icon. Moreover, any Google search list had a green "Trafficlight" Bitdefender icon next to it, so it was clearly still active.

In the end, I tried downloading Bitdefender's Uninstaller, which did nothing.

Any operation on my Mac, including editing this text as I'm writing it, takes forever. Bitdefender is a total nightmare.

Does anyone know how to get rid of it?

Or will it automatically deactivate after the 30-day trial period is up?

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