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Cara uninstall directx 11 windows 7?


How to uninstall DX12?

I've been dealing with Rockstar support on an issue, and I've jumped through dozens of hoops. Their latest request is, and I quote:

" I have checked the dxdiag information and I can see that you are using DirectX 12 which is causing issue for some players, so I would request you to down grade it to DirectX 11 and then restart your pc. "

Is this even possible?

/edit - to clarify, there is no in-game DX12 option. They're talking about DX12 in Windows 10, not in the game.

To clarify, the game doesn't have a DX12 option. They're not asking me to change anything in-game. They're asking me to change the version of DX that Windows 10 uses.

I was under the impression that this was impossible.

You don't. What issue are you experiencing? There's automatic fallback to DirectX 11 when you run games with that earlier feature set. You don't need to uninstall DirectX 12.

They seem to employ idiots at Rockstar.

Can you not start the game in DX 11 mode?

That's the highest in-game option. There never was a DC 12 option.

What rockstar game has DX12?

Isn't there a setting in the game launcher where you can set it to use dx11

Out of curiosity, I searched for "extreme texture pop-in" into Google. It looks like people were discussing this problem in the earlier GTA4.

It appears available texture memory had been exceeded both on the graphics card and no more system RAM could be diverted for texture streaming. This constraint caused textures to disappear or appear late. The visual detail distance is reduced to negligible.

It's possible I am quite behind the stage you reached in the troubleshooting process with Rockstar and NVIDIA, but were you able to alleviate this bottleneck somewhat by reducing resolution? If resolution supersampling is enabled, can you disable it?

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