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How to uninstall avg antivirus free windows 7?


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    AVG Remover Can Clean Your PC

    Antiviral programs are becoming something of a necessary evil these days protecting your PC but often being quite a pain too. They get into every part of your file system and OS which is often necessary to do their jobs. The downside is that when you remove one even a lighter antivirus like AVG it leaves files behind. This can cause conflicts in future. Thankfully AVG Remover can scour every last trace of AVG and it?s free to use.

    AVG?s Own Remover

    AVG Remover is actually produced by AVG themselves which is interesting as they?ve put their hands up to the existence of the problem that antivirus software can be hard to fully uninstall. This program which is so simple that you really just run it will delete everything related to AVG: registry items installation files user files and more. This is very much a last resort program to use if you?re having real problems getting rid of AVG. It will also require your PC to be restarted. There are other apps for this problem but it?s worth having this ?nuclear option? for when it?s needed.

    Problem Solved

    AVG Remover is not a program that you?ll get much use out of- you may only ever need it once- but it?s perfect at what it does. Free to use it could solve installation problems in one click.

    Remove all trace of AVG.

    Free to use made by AVG themselves.

    Total clean of your registry.

    A one-shot program for one specific task.

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