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How to uninstall google chrome on ubuntu?


Since you can't install Google Chrome directly from Ubuntu Software center, check out the simple steps to install Google Chrome on an Ubuntu desktop directly like you do in Windows. albiet with a few differences!

Google Chrome is a freeware and can easily be downloaded and installed on a Ubuntu machine. It is just that this cannot be done from the Ubuntu Software Center and rather has to be done by downloading the installer locally and then installing it, all this will command line. Don't fret though, you don't need to know any technical terms or coding to do this. Just follow a few simple steps mentioned below and before you know it Google Chrome browser will be open on your system ready to serve. Before we proceed, you need to know that Google Chrome can be installed only on 64-bit computers. To check if your system is 64 bit or not, click on the Power button at the top right corner and go to "About This Computer". The Overview section will show you the basic details of your system which will also include the details about the bit version of your PC.

Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 16.04

  1. Open Terminal. You can use the "Search Your Computer" feature present in the left top corner to launch the Terminal or you can just use the combination "Ctrl+Alt+T".

  2. First you need to setup the key. To do this, in the Terminal paste this and enter:

    You should get a response "OK" as shown in the image.
  3. Now setup the repository with the below command:
    This won't give you any return response but that is okay.
  4. Now, to install the Chrome browser enter the below 2 commands in the terminal:
    You Terminal should something like the image below. The downloaded file will be around 56 MB and will install itself once the second command is issued.
  5. To launch Chrome browser, use the command: You browser should like the image below.

If you plan to use Chrome frequently then you should also consider adding the shortcut for it in the Unity bar (side menu bar). To do this, when you the browser is launched from the Terminal, you should be able to see the Chrome logo in the Unity bar. Right click on it and select the "Lock to Launcher" option.

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