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How to uninstall a program on linux mint?



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antrrax commented Jul 18, 2019 •

Describe the bug
Cinnamon menu does not uninstall software snap

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
I installed a random software via snap. example: notepadqq

$ sudo apt install snapd
$ sudo snap install --classic notepadqq
restart pc

Main Cinnamon Menu > Programming > Notepadqq
Right click

Removes icon from Main Cinnamon Menu, but does not remove the notepadqq snap program from system.

Expected behavior
Full uninstall snap software from Main Cinnamon Menu, like "sudo snap remove . "

Does the issue happen:

  • [ x] Always
  • Randomly

Edition (Desktop environment):
In which edition is this happening?

  • [x ] Cinnamon Edition
  • MATE Edition
  • Xfce Edition

Live or post-install:
Indicate if this is happening after the installation, or during the live session:

  • [x ] Post-install
  • Live session

before uninstall via Main Cinnamon Menu

after uninstall via Main Cinnamon Menu (Notepadqq is still installed)

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