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How do i uninstall and reinstall onedrive?


Trying to uninstall and reinstall OneDrive

Somehow, OneDrive is no longer working on my PC. I have the cloud files in File Explorer from OneDrive, but the OneDrive icon is the generic application icon (not the blue cloud logo). Even though the files are there, I can't open them.

So, I download OneDrive and try to install that. I run the application, but it says I need to uninstall OneDrive first.

This is where I have problems. I go into Add/Remove Programs, and I click on OneDrive to uninstall. When I click Uninstall, my mouse cursor turns to the hourglass for 1 second, and then back to the cursor. Nothing happens.

I have tried rebooting, but didn't work. So, I can't install OneDrive because it's already there, and I can't uninstall OneDrive because nothing happens when I click on uninstall.

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