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How to uninstall forticlient from ems?


Specify what time to start uninstalling FortiClient from endpoints.

Prompt User If a Reboot Is Needed During Installation

Enable to prompt the end user if a reboot of the endpoint is needed. Disable to reboot the endpoint without prompting the user.

If no endpoint user is logged into FortiClient, the endpoint reboots without prompt.

Type the username to perform deployment on AD or workgroups.

If you are using an AD to uninstall FortiClient on endpoints, you must enter the admin credentials for the AD in the profile.

If you are using a workgroup to uninstall FortiClient on endpoints, FortiClient must be registered to FortiClient EMS . Admin credentials are not required.

When configuring the profile, know what method (AD or workgoup) is being used to uninstall FortiClient on endpoints. If using an AD, enter the appropriate credentials in the profile you will assign to the AD. The credentials allow EMS to uninstall FortiClient on endpoints by using AD. If the credentials are wrong, the uninstallation fails, and an error displays in EMS.

Type the password to perform the uninstall on AD or workgroups.

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